The UCC Fact-Checker is the Commission mechanism/process for information verification aimed at promoting factual reporting. Fact-checking can be conducted before or after the text is published or otherwise disseminated.
False news has become increasingly prevalent and online media platforms have been rendered susceptible to disseminating disinformation and misinformation. The is later picked by the traditional media platforms.   The UCC Fact-Checker therefore debunks fake news /misinformation shared on both the social media and mass media networks. Several resources are used to guide on how to flag suspicious stories.

The Process of Fact Checking


Forward that message or take a screen shot and send to WhatsApp 0760 445 256 or send through the email: factcheck@ucc.co.ug or call the UCC Toll-free number: 080022277


UG-CERT Fake news checker will receive the requests through the above channels. The team will review, authenticate, verify, and publish the findings of the alleged information.


A response / feedback will be sent to the requester at the shortest possible time.


The findings will be classified and those of public interest will be published on the fake news blog https://ug-cert.ug/fake-news/ and posted on the Consumer Affairs twitter handle.

How to Spot Fake news?

Fact-checking Tips