Fake Websites

Fake Bank of Uganda recruitment website


As we approach the festive season, scammers and malicious actors are developing new ideas to attract unsuspecting internet users. The website URL above is a fake website purporting to be the recruitment portal for the Bank of Uganda.

What is on the website?

The fake website has a form containing fields aimed to capture the user’s personally identifiable information such as name, phone number and contact, while the Legitimate website is as shown below and the legitimate URL is recruitment portal for Bank of Uganda is https://www.bou.or.ug/bou/bouwebsite/Careers/.

The fake website is mainly being used for information harvesting and this information can be used to spam users and commit fraud.

After submitting the information, the URL will ask you to share the link with others which is not possible within the legitimate Bank of Uganda website

What should users do?

Please be aware of common scams:

  • Copycat and fake websites pose as legitimate ones to capture personal and financial
  • E-cards, unexpected “gifts” and job offers (“secret shopper”) from unknown senders can be scams or may contain links that lead to malware
  • Fake advertisements, coupons or shipping notifications may include infected
  • Phishing email messages and fraudulent posts on social networking sites may request

To avoid such seasonal risks that could result in a security breach, identity theft or financial loss:

  • Always analyze the URL of a website and compare it by doing a google search to ensure legitimacy of the site
  • Approach all unsolicited offers and communications with skepticism and caution
  • Do not follow links or download attachments from unknown sources
  • Always carry out an extra check and compare fake websites with legitimate websites
  • Be cautious, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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