The Uganda Communications Commission established the CERT in June 2013 in partnership with  the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) with its constituents being licensed operators,Internet Service Providers and consumers of their services.

Functions of the CERT:

(a) Establish and maintain operational and relational mechanisms in order to maintain trust with its stakeholders including both regional and international entities that are involved in the management of cyber security incidents;

(b) Maintain a trusted sector focal Point of Contact (PoC) within and beyond the national boarders that responds to Cyber security incidents within the communications sector;

(c) Develop and define communication approaches and information sharing among the constituents, service providers and stakeholders;

(d) Develop and deliver a set of crucial reactive services to the public for continuous awareness and knowledge sharing;

(e) Forecast and broadcast alerts on cyber security incidents;

(f) Develop a collaborative relationship with other similar organizations and associates;

(g) Raise awareness and provide support to other CERTs

(h) Escalate received incidences to national security or law enforcement agencies for further action including prosecution;

(i) Collaborations with other CERTs in and outside Uganda